Fake blogs in my referrer logs?

FYI: I was just going to post about the fake blogs appearing in my referrer logs when I found a good discussion already happening on idly.org.

If you use Textism’s Refer, you can add this to your refer.php file to help keep the jerks out:
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘websearchus.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘bongohome.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘teoras.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘saulem.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘a-b-l-o-g.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘mikesspot.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘kwmap.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘jennifersblog.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘wr18.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘worldnewslog.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘saulem.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘malixya.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘kwlablog.com’;
$rcfg[‘exclude’][] = ‘akksess.com’;

Palo Alto Sighting #10 – Larry Ellison

If my count is correct this is the 10th entry to my Palo Alto Sightings category.

About 20 minutes ago, I saw Larry Ellison cruising up University Ave., in a Mercedes SL600 (…or maybe it was an SL500. I was driving in the opposite direction, so I can’t really say.), top down, avec beautiful female companion. Would you expect anything less?

He was in almost the exact spot I saw Jakob a couple weeks ago. It’s becoming a prime corner for sightings!

Jakob Nielsen

That pale skin, the pasty complexion, the rather peculiar hair style…who else could it be? That’s right! I saw Jakob Nielsen, in his car at the corner of University and Emerson, in Palo Alto this morning. Is that photo page too much, or what?

Steve Jobs!

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I finally saw Steve Jobs at the Whole Foods around the corner from my house.

I would have said hi, or something dorky like, “I’m excited about Panther,” or maybe, “Hey Steve…how about an Apple tablet?,” but he was on his way out the door with a coffee in each hand.