Brad Lauster (dot com) back online

Well, I promised you I’d be back in 2004 and here I am. Welcome back!

The main reason I took the site down last year, was that I got tired of dealing with comment spam. But now I have a snazzy new copy of Movable Type 3, with lots of handy features for combatting spam, so all is well in blog land.

This design is almost all my own doing, save some css I stole from Doug Bowman (which I need to remember to make a comment about in my style sheet). Let me know if anything looks weird. I don’t actually own a Windows machine anymore, so who knows what this thing looks like in Internet Explorer?

I’ll be cleaning up the design over the next few weeks, but I wanted to get the old stuff back up first. I’m looking forward to collecting my thoughts again. I hope you’ll continue to read!