Jakob Nielsen

That pale skin, the pasty complexion, the rather peculiar hair style…who else could it be? That’s right! I saw Jakob Nielsen, in his car at the corner of University and Emerson, in Palo Alto this morning. Is that photo page too much, or what?

Preparing for HITS

Humans | Interaction | Technology | Strategy

That’s the focus of HITS 2003, a conference hosted by IIT that I’ll be attending later this week.

I have really high hopes for this one because back in 2001, John Grimes of IIT, blew my mind at the Intel Human Centered Product Innovation 2 conference.

John isn’t speaking at HITS, but if any of the other IIT faculty are half as good as he, it ought to be something special.

For those of you interested in getting together in Chicago, I’ll be in town from Wednesday through Sunday. I’m also planning a dinner on Friday evening and you’re invited. Please post a comment or send me an email if you’d like to join us. See you soon!

Steve Jobs!

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. I finally saw Steve Jobs at the Whole Foods around the corner from my house.

I would have said hi, or something dorky like, “I’m excited about Panther,” or maybe, “Hey Steve…how about an Apple tablet?,” but he was on his way out the door with a coffee in each hand.