Dan Gillmor: User Interface, User Experience — Where’s It Going?

Dan Gillmor has posted his often incoherent, but thoroughly interesting notes on New Paradigms in Using Computers day at IBM’s Almaden Research Center.

Several of the links in his notes are things I’ve previously linked to on brad lauster (dot com), but some of them are new.

One of the links (to Rich Gold’s web site) is pretty interesting, though his assessment that a designer’s primary concern is whether or not the thing is cool makes me think he (Gold) doesn’t have a clue about what designers do (despite his claim to be one).

Jef Raskin’s Humane Environment

It looks like Aza Raskin, Jef Raskin’s son, has put up a project on SourceForge called Jef Raskin’s Humane Environment.

I’m pretty sure this is the project Raskin demo’d at Stanford last year…I swear I wrote that up, but I can’t find it anywhere, so sorry, no link love for you.

[Update: 1:30 pm]
I just found this entry which is a review of Jef’s talk from BayCHI-East. I still can’t find my write up from this talk he gave at Stanford, last October. I’ll keep looking…