All Moved!

The move itself went quite smooth. Even the couch, which is always problematic (we had to put it in through a window at our place in San Francisco), wasn’t too difficult to get up the stairs and into the apartment.

The neighbors also seem very cool at our new place in idyllic downtown Palo Alto.

Why should you care? Well, hopefully things will get back to normal around here – meaning less Personal Ramblings and more Experience, Interaction and Product Design posts. After all, that is why you come to brad lauster (dot com), isn’t it?

UPDATE: This is the 6th place I’ve lived in since I moved to California 5 years ago. Here’s a list in case you’re interested:
Greenback Lane, Orangevale
San Miguel Way, Sacramento – The Fab 40’s is a great neighborhood.
Data Drive, Rancho Cordova
Church Street, San Francisco – Probably the coolest apartment in Noe Valley.
Charles Marx Way, Palo Alto
Forest Avenue, Palo Alto

To say I’m a pro at moving is an understatement. Not that I’m proud of this but, just to prove to you how good I am: I got 100% of my deposit back this time.

Handspring’s Treo 270 & 90

Truly wireless ‘blogging is now closer than ever with Handspring’s announcement of the Treo 270.

I’ve always wondered what it’s like to thumb one of those tiny keyboards. When I worked for Intel, everyone I knew had a Crackberry. The Treo keyboards look about the same size as the Crackberry’s, but it’s hard to tell from the pictures. I can’t wait to play with one.

I wonder if our friends at IDEO had anything to do with this little gem? I know they worked on the original Treo.

Jenn & Josh are back in New York

[Image] Josh kissing JennMy really really really good friends Jenn & Josh left San Francisco last week and headed back to our home state, New York. I can’t believe they’re gone…and I don’t really want to either.

I made this little viedo for them (click on the image to watch it, ~6.5 MB). It’s just a bunch of pictures I took while we were hanging out.

The song is “When I’m Thinking About You” by The Sundays.

I’m going to miss them a lot. Hell, I miss them already! Good luck in Ithaca you two…and come back soon!