Travel clothes suck!

ugly travel pantsWhy are all travel clothes made for old people? Doesn’t anyone make stylish, wrinkle-resistant clothes for my generation? Doesn’t anyone make travel pants without pleats or elastic waist bands? And why are all travel clothes khaki or moss colored? I’m not 75 years old here!, had a great line of wrinkle-resistant clothes. Sadly, they’re no longer around.

If anyone can suggest a stylish line of wrinkle-resistant clothes, I’d love to hear about it!

(sorry about all the travel-releated posts lately – it’s just been on my mind)

Registration – not even CHI can get it right.

I registered for the CHI 2002 / AIGA Experience Design Forum (also here) this evening. As part of my registration, I signed up for an AIGA Associate Membership. It cost $190, according to the registration form. BUT, when the summary is displayed, after you’ve accepted the charges, the cost is $195 [pdf].

What’s this? CHI not testing their own registration form?

Patagonia MLC

Patagonia MLC
Continuing my recent string of non-design-related posts, I thought I’d take this opportunity to ask you about luggage.

I’m going to be doing enough traveling this year that I think it warrants purchasing a new piece of carry-on luggage. I already have a nice pack that I could use, but I’m really looking for something that:

  1. Will deffinately be accepted by airlines as a carry-on (no bigger than 22″x14″x9″)
  2. Looks a bit more professional than a backpack (basically plain and rectangular)
  3. BUT, has shoulder straps (that can be hidden) so I can carry it like a back pack
  4. Doesn’t have wheels

So far, I’m considering the Patagonia MLC. It seems to be the only thing I can find that meets my criteria.

I’m sure I’m missing some good bags though – especially European products (those Europeans really know how to travel). If you’ve got any suggestions, please post a comment!