Google loves Blogs

An appropriate follow-up to the addition of Google links in all of my posts: Microcontent News is running a story, “How Weblogs Influence A Billion Google Searches A Week

I can’t agree more. I’d say 6 out 10 referrers to my site are from Google. I’m also quite surprised at how well brad lauster (dot com) ranks in many Google searches.
For example: I’m on the first page when you search for brad. Nice, huh?

Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction

The official site for Preece, Rogers and Sharp’s book “Interaction Design: beyond human-computer interaction” is up. The book itself is available on

The website seems to be set up well to support teaching. Excerpts and Power Point slides from each chapter are available. There is also a Students’ Corner featuring “QuickVotes,” which allow students to compare their views on the book’s topics.

Beyond User-Centered Design

Beyond User-Centered Design – Part One (pdf)
Beyond User-Centered Design – Part Two (pdf)

A short two-part essay, from Liz Sanders of SonicRim, on the concepts behind the Postdesign movement. Very enjoyable.

From Part One:

We are beginning to veer away from the pathways of the product era. We are heading into a world where relationships matter more than objects and human experience is what matters most of all. We are moving into the Postdesign era.

Jesse James Garrett – ia/recon

(Rather than post this again, I thought I’d update my previous entry.)

Jesse’s up to part 3 of 6 in his series The Discipline and the Role.

I very much enjoyed parts one and two. In general, I agree with what he had to say in part three too, but I’m not sure I understand his use of “user research.” I feel like most of the time, what he really means is “usability testing.”

Am I on a language kick lately or what?

American cheese + Nutella = Taste Sensation!

I hung out with Chad, Christina and Elan last night before BayCHI. Elan whipped up some great BBQ and, with far less cajoling than it should have taken, got me to try a slice of American cheese buttered with Nutella.

I’m amazed to report that is was quite good. In fact, I think I’ll be picking up some Nutella the next time I’m at the market.

The difference between design and art.

I find it quite unfortunate that so many people don’t understand the difference between design and art.

It is even more upsetting that artists often get to use design as a verb to describe what they do. I think the lack of a general verb that describes the process of creating art is serious flaw with the English language.

Maybe we can make up a word of our own? Arting or maybe Artising? What do you think?