Andy Grove article in Wired…

I just finished reading Andy Grove’s Rational Exuberance on Wired.

If you’re unfamiliar with who Andy Grove is, he’s the former CEO and current Chairman of Intel. Besides that, he’s the most intelligent, pragmatic, rational business person I’ve ever seen speak.

Those qualities are part of the reason I joined Intel after college. A lot has changed since then. Craig Barrett, current Intel CEO, simply isn’t the same leader that Andy was. You might think that in a company with nearly 90,000 employees, the personality of the CEO wouldn’t make much difference in how it felt to work there day-to-day, but it does.

Scott’s class at Berkeley

I just found out that Scott Klemmer, whom I met at the Intel Human-Centered Product Innovation 2 Conference, is teaching Inventing the Future: User Interface Design, Prototyping and Evaluation along with James Landay and Jason Hong, this June at Berkeley.

I really want to go, but I don’t think I can get my employer to foot the bill considering all the budget tightening that’s been going on recently. Check it out if you can…Scott struck me as a very knowledgeable guy, so I’m sure the class will be great!

Living Colour show in review

I went to see Living Colour at Slim’s last night with Brad and Chad.

What a great show! They played just about every tune I wanted to hear including Middle Man and Open Letter from Vivid, Love Rears Its Ugly Head and Type from Time’s Up and Go Away and Bi from Stain. As an encore Vernon Reid and Doug Wimbish did Broken Hearts, from Vivid, as a tribute to a couple of their friends who had recently passed away. Later the rest of the band joined them for one of my favorite Hendrix tunes, Crosstown Traffic.

Overall the show was a fabulous review of Living Colour’s excellent, though small, body of work. I think we really got to see just how versatile and multi-faceted the group is. For example, we saw their hard side with Time’s Up (the opening tune, which Chad correctly predicted before the show), their fun side with Elvis is Dead and their sentimental side with Broken Hearts.

You may want to read the reviews of recent LC shows on Sam’s Living Colour Site.

HCPI 2 – Mary Jones / Andrew Gower

(These are my notes from Mary and Andrew’s talk at the Intel HCPI 2 conference.)

Mary Jones / Andrew GowerBritish Telecom (BTexact)
Digital Living – Visions of the Future Inspired by Social Science Research

This is was a very interesting presentation by a team that actually had used research to inform the design of products for “the future.” Unfortunately, I can’t find ANY of the wonderful examples they showed on the web. Please post if you find anything.

HCPI 2 – Paul McGroary

(These are my notes from Paul’s talk at the Intel HCPI 2 conference.)

Paul McGroaryPhillips Design
Experience Design in Context of Research and Development and Philips Design

Experience Design: People, Space & Enablers

I was interested to hear what Paul had to say, in part because I think Philips Design comes up with some truly thought provoking product ideas and also in part because the CHI-web community recently ripped apart the Phillips Design web site in this thread entitled, “Candidate for worst web site of the year“.

One of the questions Philips Design has been asking is: Can you sell experience?
Their nebula project resulted in a product designed to create an experience by projecting images on your bedroom ceiling. It sounds stupid, but it was actually pretty neat.

Paul said he’d send you a book about the Philips Design “Noah’s Arc” projects if you send him an e-mail.

HCPI 2 – Joy Mountford

(These are my notes from Joy’s talk at the Intel HCPI 2 conference.)

Joy Mountfordidbias
How Best to Work with Universities to Design Future Interfaces

This talk didn’t seem to have much to do with the title (above).

Maybe I missed the point…anyone have any notes on her talk?