Selena’s business idea & Dr. Snaggle

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I had a good conversation with Selena, over diner, last night. We got to talking about starting our own business. We came to the conclusion that everyone we know likes to hang out, listen to music and drink. Awww yeah…a business unlike you’ve ever seen is in the works!

…by the way, my friend Jenn has got some pics up at You should check them out. Jen used to be a copy writer and it shows…SO WITTY!

He’s done it again!

The omnipotent Kottke made a great observation today. He commented that while previous decades all had their own unique monikers, the 90s seemed to have been a “Where’s That From? Decade” or a “Meta Decade.”

I’ve pondered this before and completely agree. I can recall thinking of the 90s as the “How Many Other Decades Can We Copy During This Decade? Decade.”

I’m always amused by Jason’s posts. He has this uncanny ability, it seems, to tap into my thoughts and post them on his site. That is, he always seems to post things that I’ve pondered, but just never thought to put on my own site.

I wonder if others feel the same way about his posts?


You know what? I am totally excited about the upcoming year! I feel really refreshed and focused. Last year at this time I was looking for an apartment in San Francisco (driving down here from Sacramento every weekend was absolute hell), hating my job and was really unclear with what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

It’s strange, how my life progresses. I tend to experience things at different times than other people who are my age. Take this whole what I want to do with the rest of my life thing. Seems like most people went through that kind of discovery in college…but not me! Three years into a pretty decent career at Intel and all of a sudden I decide, “This isn’t really doin’ it for me.”

This year, though, I feel great! My life has direction and I’ve got a good idea of how I’m going to get where I want to go.

While writing this I’ve been pondering whether I’ve been building up to this point for a long time or if there was some event that just set it off. I don’t know for sure, but I certainly can’t discount the great start I had to the New Year with my friends on Treasure Island.

I was in one of those (rare) chatty moods. It’s always funny when I get talkative, because I usually don’t speak too much, so when I do, everyone is always like, “Holy shit, Brad’s talking!”

Anyway, I hope you’re all feeling as refreshed and upbeat as I am. Happy New Year to the readers of!

…all three of you.  😉