I went to the SFSU Bookstore this evening. They have Mac’s on display. I am now quite sure that I want one of these, with one of these.

…and to think, I work for Intel. I suppose I ought to be ashamed of myself, right? Not likely!

Although my wanting a Mac can’t be blamed solely on Intel, it can in part. Don’t believe me? Consider this:

Intel has long worked to perpetuate the idea that a PC is just a box of parts. Only recently (after the iMac turned out to be an enormous success) did Intel take steps to change this perception (see Intel’s Easy of Use concept PC’s).

The campaign bombed though. Only a few PC makers had the balls to release a “stylish” computer (Dell’s WebPC, for example) and they all failed. They weren’t successful because PC makers have engrained the idea that a PC is just a box of parts, so deep into the psyche of their customers that even they were unable to convince them otherwise.

Apple, on the other hand, seems to have always focused on -or at least, marketed- the idea that their products are things of value.

This all brings up an interesting point: don’t underestimate the power of your brand. This was essentially the idea behind the Crave conference, which incidentally, I missed.

Did anyone attend? Tell me about it!

Crazy week!

Phew! I had so much stuff to do this week…I’m feeling better now that I’ve got nearly all of it done.

I have yet to decide whether or not I’m actually going to apply to grad school, but I am beginning to find some programs I’m interested in. I’ll probably break out my GRE review books and do a little test preparation this weekend.

Like I said, whether or not I’ll actually apply is still up in the air, but right now I’m leaning towards the Georgia Tech program. I’m attracted to it because it seems to be rooted in the humanities and social and cognitive sciences. Georgia Tech also has it’s own industrial design program, which is exciting to me.

Speaking of Industrial Design, tpodd pointed me to the web site of prolific Industrial Designer, Marc Newson. Very cool! Check it out…I bet you’ll recognize some of his work.

Personal pontification…

I’m getting closer to knowing, for sure, where I want to take my career. As I think about it, I keep coming back to a need I have to make peoples’ lives better. I suppose that’s a pretty broad statement, but regardless of whether that means making life easier, helping people feel more empowered or simply making the world a more beautiful place, the statement still rings true.

Hmmm…that doesn’t narrow it down much, does it?

In addition to looking for a new job, I’m also considering a return to academia. I’ve spoken about this, briefly, with tpodd. He’s been working on a survey of graduate programs in the domain of human-computer interaction.

In the off-chance that this will expedite his work: please send me your grad school recommendations.