The Invisible Computer – Don Norman

I finished Don Norman’s book, “The Invisible Computer“, a few weeks ago. I figured I should recommend it, since I thought it was so good.

A large portion of the book is focused on an issue that I’ve been working on lately. Namely, changing the culture of our organization, such that our Management recognizes that while Marketing may “know” the user, they do not necessarily know about software design.

Making this change is difficult to do, as Norman highlights on page seventeen, “Technological Change is Simple; Cultural, and Organizational Change Is Hard.” This is especially true at Intel!

I made my first steps towards enacting this change during the work I did on the Intel® E-mail Effectiveness Coach.

Technically speaking…

I’ve received a few questions about how I built this site. So, here’s the skinny:

I did the HTML in a text editor (TextPad to be exact).

The domain is hosted by Hurrah.

The pages are served by Apache, on a box running Zope (though the current site has static pages only).

The little picture of my head was inspired by DeepLeap’s web site. I made it with Photoshop (be sure to check out the image roll-over).


(Note from Dec. 2001: The links in this post were no longer valid, so I removed them and italicized the words that used to be linked, for reference.)

I’ve put together this little web site to showcase some of the work I’ve done.

There are currently only two areas of the site. The resumé area and the work samples area.