SF Survey

My new favorite website is SF Survey. It’s a great source for pithy, unpretentious, sometimes naive reviews of restaurants in San Francisco.

I’ve been on fire lately. Let me know if you read my reviews.

I sort of feel like it has a Craigslistian quality about it. Maybe because the site is so incredibly unattractive.

4 thoughts on “SF Survey”

  1. This is a great find and it really made me homesick. I like the interface to the site as it is simple, crowded, but simple. Things are grouped well so that I could find them relatively easily.

    Mobile access to this information and presorted to similar tastes as mine would flat out rock.

  2. BUT… do bother with the potatoe pesto pine nuts topping at Escape from New York. no really. it’s good to be traditional sometimes, but you also have to, you know, evolve to fit your new location.

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