Job Interviews: 98% bullshit.

I went to La Morentia for lunch last week and a woman at the table behind me was conducting a job interview.

You would not believe the bullshit coming out of their mouths!

The thing that surprised me most wasn’t the ridiculousness of the conversation, but that it seemed so obvious that the interview questions weren’t going to get the woman the information she needed to make a decision about hiring the guy.

“Tell me about a time when you faced conflict at work and how you handled it.”

Complete garbage! Every interviewer asks that canned question and every interviewee has an equally canned response.

I wonder if this does not bode well for me the next time I have to interview for a job? If someone starts asking me canned questions, I’m sure I’ll have to call them out.

3 thoughts on “Job Interviews: 98% bullshit.”

  1. I totally agree that job interviews are 98% Bullshit.
    I’ve been to several interviews for design and production positions and they keep asking me things like:
    -How do you see your self in 5 years?
    -How do you handle stress?
    -What do you look for in a manager?
    -If we asked your coworkers about you what would they say?
    -How do you feel about working in a team?
    Of course! why bother asking me about my portfolio or programs I know, ask me questions you can find in google cause whoever answers these like their selling soap has to be the most qualified candidate…right? ahem!

    The worst part of all is that I have phone interviews, then 1st, 2nd and third interviews at these companies asking me the same things with different people.

    I believe Interviews are all acts. If you can rehearse answering these questions in a “professional” manner and memorize history about the company…then voila! You are now qualified for a 4th and 5th interview that may have slightly different questions that might mention salary. Isn’t that wonderful!? At this point you can finally know where you stand in the interview process.

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