Notes from the BayCHI Mentor Panel

Hi! Tonight’s panel was fun and went about as well as I expected. I think it was useful for those who attended. Please post a comment if you were there! What’d you think?

Of course, I was as scatter-brained as ever. It became clear, as soon as I opened my mouth, that not having worked on design projects for last couple months was seriously screwing with my ability to focus on the questions as hand.

It was also a bit scary to hear how process-focused the other two panel members were (they were from TiVo and Oracle)…scary because I’m a guy who really likes having a process to follow and I’ve been completely lackadaisical about that lately. I’m now determined to get our group’s processes published and followed for every project.

Here is an updated version of the BayCHI Mentor Panel Poster I put together [pdf, ~330k]. It lists some good books and web sites for you to check out.

1 thought on “Notes from the BayCHI Mentor Panel”

  1. Brad:

    I found the discussion helpful and encouraging. You didn’t come across as scatter-brained; nobody wanted a stilted Powerpoint presentation. Genuine, unrehearsed points of view from the trenches were what I was looking for and that’s what you and the other panelists provided.

    RE: stictly structured, process-driven working environments vs. freer, improvisation-driven environments — grads will encounter clients and employers in both categories, so it was good to have both sides of things represented.

    (Now, the off-color remarks that you kept making about Jakob Nielsen’s grandmother seemed a little out of place in a panel discussion, but that’s another story…)

    Seriously though, I enjoyed the event and I was glad to meet you.


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