Mac OS 10.2 triple play

Three Mac OS 10.2 quick hits this evening:
Chimera (now at ver. 0.5) is getting really good.

Ken Bereskin, the product manager for Mac OS 10.2, has a blog (thanks Thomas).

I downloaded iCal today. My life just got a whole lot more organized.

5 thoughts on “Mac OS 10.2 triple play”

  1. Personally, I don’t want all my Personal Information Management tools in a single application. I want them to talk to one another (like iCal and do), but I don’t want them in a single application.

    For this reason alone, Entourage sucks.

    In terms of calendar features, iCal beats Entourage because of the ability to subscribe to a calendar that’s published on the Internet. The ability to see “group availability” is the one thing I really miss from Outlook/Exchange. With iCal’s subscribe feature, you get that functionality and more.

    As for vs. Entourge:
    I gave up on Entourage earlier this year – it just couldn’t handle the amount of mail I get. It kept munging the mail database. It got so bad that I was rebuilding the thing every few days. I suspect that this was happening because of an Entourage feature that lets you leave POP mail on the server (sort of like IMAP). It was wildly buggy.

    Now all my mail accounts (work and home) are IMAP, so this might not be a problem, but I happen to really like the IMAP support in, so I’ve stuck with it and never swithed back to Entourage.

    Frankly, I can’t think of any feature in Entourage Mail that Apple doesn’t have – plus the SPAM filter in Apple Mail is GREAT!

    Switch Joshua, switch!

  2. Yeah, But I didn’t….
    I ended up giving the iMac that I was going to use to my sister’s friend. Anyway, I’ll have to be happy with suse 7 on my Ultra 5 for now.

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