Design Management Institute

Have I told you about my new found interest in Design Management? No? Well, I am now…

The Design Management Institute looks like a tasty source for information on the subject. The DMI Publications area has lots of downloadable articles and some are even free (most cost a small fee for non-members).

Are any brad lauster (dot com) readers members of the DMI? I’m thinking about joining, so I’d like to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Design Management Institute”

  1. I met the head of the DMI at the last Doors of Perception conference. (Shameless plug: the next one’s in Amsterdam in November, it’s the best overall design conference I know, you would love it.) The DMI seems like a great resource with tons of good information–although most of it’s pay-only.

  2. DMI is pretty cool. A co-worker of mine goes to their Cape Cod shindig every October. Basically, like engineers, designers can find themselves promoted into management despite their rigorously anti-management training. DMI helps remedy this in ways that coat the pill for adult learners.

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