Intel’s quixotic quest for next billion users

The SF Chronicle ran a front page story today, entitled, “Intel’s quixotic quest for next billion users,” on Intel’s team of ethnographic researchers. While this is not news (similar articles have appeared in newspapers from all over the world), I think the fact that it made the front page is pretty significant.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Intel’s quixotic quest for next billion users”

  1. I think it’s good for the “average” person (whatever that means) to understand what goes into creating a product. People often think that someone comes up with the idea, creates it, and sells it, and that’s all that needs to happen. Granted, that can happen sometimes, but usually a lot of research is needed to create a product that is useful and easy to use.

    It’s often hard for me to get this point across to people when creating web sites; they see the final product and just want to pay for that, not realizing how much work went in to determining what that the final product was the best solution.

    The combination of all of these articles is a sign that people are beginning to understand what goes into product (and software and web) design, and hopefully a better appreciation of the craft.

  2. Jeff, I completely agree!

    The more people know about what we do, the more they’ll see that we’re right and the easier it’ll be to convince those in power to let us do what we need to do to make their products successful.

    (Phew, that was a mouthful!) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I read that article. It’s amazing the way they made it sound like Intel was being incredibly revolutionary by having a human factors research department. Apple has been doing that kind of thing for something like twenty years now.

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