2 thoughts on “Dan Bricklin Reviews the Segway HT”

  1. I don’t think it does…not for hauling my crap around, anyway. Even in a public transit friendly place like Palo Alto, there are just some times when you need a car (or something truck-like, such as the Element). If Selena didn’t have to travel to school, we could probably get away with a car sharing program, such as City CarShare. For her trip to school, public transit isn’t really an option – it takes her about 30 minutes by car, but would take several hours by public transit.

    That said, the Segway would be perfect for me, as someone who doesn’t own a car and probably won’t for a long time. It’d be perfect for riding to work and around town.

    Sure, my bike is great, but it’s also pretty dangerous – mainly because it requires momentum to keep upright. That’s why so many bikers shoot through stop signs…

    Ok, I’m rambling. Anyone else got any thoughts?

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