2003 Honda Element

Selena and I have been looking for a new vehicle for some time now. Since hybrid cars that suit our needs aren’t yet available and fuel cell vehicles are but a pleasant dream, it seems we’re stuck with at least a few more years of OPEC supporting’ and environment destroyin’.

Our current pick of the litter is the Honda Element. Wheels24 also has an Element image gallery.

I think it’s not quite as cool as the VW Microbus concept, but, unlike the VW, the Element, WILL be available in November.

2 thoughts on “2003 Honda Element”

  1. Note to self: Post about concept cars more often. You’ve received hundreds of referrers from Google searches for “Honda Element.”     🙂

  2. Have you looked into the Think? (Or is it Th!nk?)
    They are those little cars that look like Smart cars (the Swatch/Mercedes collaboration that is now ubiquitous in Europe). They’re electric (possibly problematic if you rent) and available super-cheap from Ford on some kind of experimental lease program.

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