New terms of service for comments

Dear brad lauster (dot com) readers,
I updated the Comments form and added a “Terms of Service.” It’s very straight forward. It says:

1. Your name and email address are required to comment, but your email will never appear on brad lauster (dot com). It only gets sent to me via email, so I can reply directly to you, if I feel like it.
2. I will NEVER sell or give your email address to anyone, without your permission, period.
3. Oh yeah! I reserve the right to delete stupid comments.

I’d love to get your reaction to the terms of service. Will you be more likely to post a comment, knowing what happens to your email address, or less likely to comment, now that an email address is required…or do you feel another way all together?

4 thoughts on “New terms of service for comments”

  1. Your terms of service sound fine to me although I would appreciate a “remember me” checkbox for comments so that I don’t need to enter my info every time I come. I believe it’s included in the MoveableType template by default.

  2. Thanks Joshua. I’ll be rolling out the “remember me” functionality as part of the upgrade to Movable Type 2.0, which will happen in the next couple weeks.

  3. Makes sense to me. You might want to put the terms below the comment fields, and indicate required fields with an asterisk to make it flow a bit better.

    I also like that you have a mandatory preview – it’s a bit forceful, but in a good way that makes people think about what they’re about to post.

  4. Thanks for this change. I’ve been getting tons of spam from comments I’ve left at, and now the SIGIA archives are getting spam-harvested. Sucks, man.

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