Beyond User-Centered Design

Beyond User-Centered Design – Part One (pdf)
Beyond User-Centered Design – Part Two (pdf)

A short two-part essay, from Liz Sanders of SonicRim, on the concepts behind the Postdesign movement. Very enjoyable.

From Part One:

We are beginning to veer away from the pathways of the product era. We are heading into a world where relationships matter more than objects and human experience is what matters most of all. We are moving into the Postdesign era.

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  1. I posted a message, linking to the articles above, on the AIGA Experience Design list, asking:

    “How do you design for experience? Do you start with ethnographic research and personas, then choose an experience and then design the product to create that experience? Do you look at what people make, as Liz suggests?”

    Liz was kind enough to reply, pointing me to a newer article. Here’s what she had to say:

    “Thanks for your interest in my articles. They are quite old so we added a new article called Virtuosos of the Experience Domain to our website see
    It begins to address some of the questions you pose at the end of your note. It was written for the last IDSA Educator’s Conference.”

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