Jesse James Garrett – ia/recon

(Rather than post this again, I thought I’d update my previous entry.)

Jesse’s up to part 3 of 6 in his series The Discipline and the Role.

I very much enjoyed parts one and two. In general, I agree with what he had to say in part three too, but I’m not sure I understand his use of “user research.” I feel like most of the time, what he really means is “usability testing.”

Am I on a language kick lately or what?

2 thoughts on “Jesse James Garrett – ia/recon”

  1. Hi Brad! When I say “user research”, I’m referring to not just usability testing, but other kinds of research as well, such as user interviews or card sort exercises.

    I’m glad you like the piece so far.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, Jesse. I think I’ll read it again and see if that changes what I thought of part three.

    I’m looking forward to the next three parts because I generally agree with Jesse on the things an Information Architect ought to be concerned with. In particular, I like that he knows the difference between issues of Information Architecture and Interaction Design issues.

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