5 thoughts on “Conferences 2002”

  1. Hi Jenn! Well, sort of. My budget at work, for conferences, is pretty small, so I’m using up as much money as I can get. The rest I’ll pay for by myself.

    I think Selena is going to meet me in London after the conference and then we’re going to visit Ivrea in Italy.

    Woo Hoo…I hate all the planning, but it’s going to be a lot of fun!

  2. you definitely going to the Baltimore conference?? How long you gonna be there. Its only a couple hour drive I could come up and hang out

  3. Hi Jer! Actually, the IA conference is the one conference I’m not sure about. I’m trying to find a cheap flight and someone to share a room with right now.

    I’ll let you know if I end up going.

  4. My trip for the year is out to Baltimore for the ASIST conference, but FOR ONCE we get a world class UXD conference somewhere other than the USA, and in my backyard… the DIS2002 should be great.

    A trip to Ivrea would be awesome too, and of course if you book your ticket with one of the lwo-cost european carriers, it should be pretty cheap – try “Buzz”, “Easyjet”, “Ryanair” or “Go” – i’m not sure which ones fly to Milan.

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