Selecting napkins

For the first time in a very very very long time, the amount of napkins I pulled from the dispenser (before I ate my burrito) was the same as the number of napkins I actually used – four.

How big do you think the wordwide market is for a napkin dispenser that makes it easy to grab four napkins at once? One million units? One billion?

I think I’ve got a winning idea here!

2 thoughts on “Selecting napkins”

  1. Selena described McDonalds’ new napkin dispensers to me. It sounded like they were designed so that employees didn’t have to re-fill them as often.

    What I’m talking about is different. It’s a napkin dispenser that presents four napkins at a time…so you can just grab once and go.

    Think about the time and money it would save – especially for “restaurants” with drive-throughs!

    For one – customers would learn to expect four napkins in their bag…no more looking in the bag, holding up the line, to check if there are enough napkins.

    For two – let’s say it takes one second to grab a napkin from a traditional dispenser. By this estimate, grabbing four napkins would take four seconds. We know this is not fast enough because, the drive-through window operators don’t use a traditional dispenser, they just have a stack of napkins next to where they fill the bags. This is fast, but not efficient because the number of napkins grabbed can vary widely.

    Come on, isn’t it time for a dispenser that spits out four napkins at a time?

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