Embodied interaction

It’s interesting how you can search for something for months, then all of a sudden it just falls in your lap!

Today Chad pointed me to Paul Dourish‘s new book: “Where the Action Is.”

Terry Winograd is quoted as saying this about the book, “This is the first book to provide a broad view of how our interaction with computers is intertwined with our physical world.” Dourish refers to it as “embodied interaction.”

I added it to my Amazon wishlist. Pretty shameless, huh?

2 thoughts on “Embodied interaction”

  1. so when’s YOUR birthday. 😉

    it’s on my wishlist too. if you like what dourish has to say, you should read some of mathew chalmers’ papers. not as easy to read as dourish but well worth it. (the man is too intellegent and well-read for his own good.) dourish and chalmers were the first to use the term “social navigation” in this paper.

  2. Thanks for the link, Todd! What have you read by Dourish? …the papers in his site?

    My birthday is at the end of June, by the way.    🙂

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